The Sixties Radical- Azriel


These are some of things that I have learned from Rabbi Gordon.

The concealment of creation is called speech. Speech seems to be separate and severed from G-d.

The world appears to be independent from G-d. Man says there is no G-d. This because will live in a condition of a two-way mirror according to Rabbi Gordon.

In a two-way mirror, it appears to us our own reflection. In reality G-d sees us all the time.

There is a G-d. HaShem conceals himself from us. G-d is behind a two-way mirror.


So, we can have free choice.

The concealment of creation is one sided. We can’t see it. G-d can.

Creation does not change G-d. The world as G-d created it does not effect change in G-d.

My Thoughts are between me and me. My speech is for you.

Speech is independent.

World comes from the word concealment.

The world looks at the world and sees independence.

The word of G-d is different from the word of man.

Try and take back a word?

You can’t.

G-d can let words go and take them back.

Nothing is severed from G-d.

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