The Sixties Radical-Azriel

This is what Doctor Savage wrote in his newsletter Friday March 10th.

In today’s issue: “Who is undermining Trump the most?” Savage asked his listeners to open his show Thursday.

“Is it the progressives? Is it the RINOs?” he asked.

“Or are there other enemies within his administration who are destroying his presidency right now as we speak?”

Savage continued:

I decided to write this new book, “Trump’s War,” as a battle plan, because I was curious about how President Trump could make good on his promises. Not just because they were big and unprecedented, but because he would face opposition to so many of them.

I wrote that on page 6 of this new book.

And I said, “His biggest fight will not be keeping his promises, but avoiding the pitfalls of almost every public servant, from small-town first selectmen to commander-in-chief: temptation.”

Listen to what I wrote: “The temptation to be assimilated into the Washington morass is powerful. Surrounded by ‘yes’ men and women who will say anything you want to hear. Possessing more power than any human being in history, you become convinced of your own — dare I say it — your own divinity.

“That’s right. Obama succumbed. So did the Clintons. They didn’t learn from the history they were supposedly taught in school.

In Imperial Rome, generals riding to the city in a triumphant celebration were accompanied by an auriga, a slave, who repeatedly whispered in their ear, ‘Momento homo.’

“Remember, you are only a man.”

“The enemies within,” I write.

“No, it’s not going to be easy. There are armies of special interests on the right and the left that have trillions to lose if we succeed in restoring this nation.

They’re going to fight hard to hold on to their ill-gotten gains, just as the British tried to hold on to their colonies. The celebration ends today. It’s time to prepare for Trump’s War.

“Only we won’t be fighting on battlefields with rifles. We will be fighting an entrenched Establishment whose weapons of mass destruction are far more devious than those of King George III. Instead of cannons and muskets, the Establishment uses a corrupt media and an insidious network of violent agitators to wage a psychological war, instead of a military one. Instead of shelling your town, they seek to imprison your mind with political correctness, envy politics, and intimidation.”

The most important weapon we have in our arsenal is prayer.

G-d’s word.

This is our sword.

G-d’s spoken word is more powerful than man’s or Satan’s.

G-d’s word changes the atmosphere.

G-d’s word creates life and death.

With ten utterances G-d created the world and the universe.

Who G-d put in power man can not  take out.

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