The Sixties Radical-Azriel

The following thoughts are taken from the class I took from Rabbi Mendy Herson on Freedom of Choice

G-d is concealing to reveal HIMSELF to us.

G-d allows a space for us to not do HIS will.

G-d created in us the ability to do or not do HIS will.

G-d created the concept of I(G-d) can contain myself. G-d has a deeper capacity not to reveal HIMSELF.

This ability to contain HIMSELF reveals how G-d is expressing how unlimited HE really is.

G-d has the ability to overwhelm us.

G-d has the capacity to be.

G-d has the capacity to be not.

G-d has the ability to get out of the way to allow us to contravene as well.

G-d created the ability of free choice. We can do or not do G-d’s will. It is up to us. This comes directly from G-d.

G-d gave us the ability to overcome a moral dilemma and do the right thing.

G-d doesn’t force us to the right thing instead gives us free choice. And this is the essence of G-d in HIS truest sense.

The profound level within the divine essence is not of will but the fact of negating will.

Not of revelation but concealment.