The Sixties Radical-Azriel

Moshe was respectful of Pharaoh. Moshe used his forceful speeches to break the power of evil when they were at their strongest.

This means when the animal soul is raging against me I must forcefully and fearlessly speak the word of G-d against the evil so it will be destroyed.

I must learn to merge my soul with G-d’s so HaShem can use me to advance the Kingdom of Heaven to defeat evil.

“G‑d then gave specific instructions to Moses and Aaron regarding how to speak to Pharaoh.

 G‑d said to Moses, “Observe! I have made you master over Pharaoh.” Exodus 7:1

The purpose of Moses’ respectful yet forceful speeches to Pharaoh was to break the forces of evil when their powers were strongest.

Similarly, there are times in our lives when our inner “Pharaohs,” i.e., our animal drives, seem to have the upper hand. At such times, the best way to overcome these drives is to channel our inner “Moses” and rage against them, insult them, and humiliate them.

The same is true regarding our mission to oppose negativity in the world at large. Of course, we must always convey G‑d’s message in a pleasant and peaceful way, just as G‑d commanded Moses to address Pharaoh respectfully. But at the same time, we must approach our “Pharaohs” fearlessly and forcefully. If we remain true to G‑d’s message, we can break the power of darkness and help bring G‑d’s redemptive light to the world.1 Likutei Sichot, vol. 16, pp. 74–76.

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