The Sixties Radical-Azriel

No matter how hard I tried to walk away from my Jewish heritage. I couldn’t. This was like a magnet pulling back to my roots. Father Jack Flynn and Father George always pushed me to get to my Jewish roots.

I am Jew always and forever.

“The ninth plague was absolute darkness that descended upon Egypt for six uninterrupted days. Like the other plagues, this darkness demonstrated to the Egyptians G‑d’s power over them. Additionally, the darkness enabled the Jews (who were not affected by it) to circulate among the Egyptians in order to see where they were hiding their wealth. Also, there were Jews who did not want to leave Egypt, and they died during the plague of darkness.

G‑d said to Moses, “Raise your arm toward the sky so that there will be darkness upon Egypt.” Exodus 10:21

G‑d did not force those Jews who did not want to leave Egypt to do so. By choosing to remain in Egypt, their lives lost all meaning and had spiritually ended. In contrast, in the future Redemption, even those Jews who do not consciously want to be redeemed will be taken out of exile. This is because when G‑d gave us the Torah, He connected our essence with His essence, making it impossible for us to really oppose our connection with Him.

Of course, we can go through the motions of opposing our connection to G‑d, but this is only superficial. Sooner or later, our deep, inner essence will surface, and this will make us all indeed worthy of being redeemed.1 Likutei Sichot, vol. 11, pp. 1–7.

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