The Sixties Radical-Azriel

Think about this for a minute. The Patriarchs Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov are rooted in three main attributes of G-d.

This is rooted in Chasidism. (See The Tanya and Chumash.)

Avraham is rooted in the attribute of kindness. Yitz’chak is the attribute of severity and Ya’akov is the attribute of compassion.

Avraham served G-d with kindness. He was hospitable. Avraham did outreach.

Yitz’chak served G-d by digging wells. Where ever you dig a well on earth you will find water. Yitz’chak knew that where ever one looks in a  human being you will find goodness.

Yitz’chak only saw the good not the bad.

You have to look with the right eye glasses and dig deep enough you will find goodness.

The energy of severity finds the goodness in folks by digging deep into a person to bring out their true nature. This only happens when one continues to dig deep enough to find the real attributes in a person.

This is what Yeshua did when he called Peter to follow HIM. Yeshua dug deep into Peter to bring his true calling. Yeshua called Peter. Peter responded by saying “Yes, L-rd. I will follow you.”

Yeshua saw both the good and bad in Peter.