The Sixties Radical-Azriel

Here are some more words from the Rambam. “The 12th Principle:

The Messianic Era We are to believe as fact that the Messiah will come and not expect him to tarry. If he delays, wait for him, without setting a time limit for his coming. One must not make conjectures based on Scripture to conclude when he will come. The sages said: “May the Spirit depart from those who calculate the end-time.” (Sanhedrin 97b). One must believe that Messiah will have more stature and honor than all the kings who ever lived, as all the prophets from Moses to Malachi prophesied. Whoever doubts this or trivializes it denies the Torah, which has foretold his coming in the portions of Bilam and Nitzavim. A corollary of this principle is that a king of Israel must come only from the House of David through the seed of Solomon. Anyone who rejects this family, denies G-d and the words of His prophets.”

Maimonides introduction to chapter “Chelek” of Tractate Sanhedrin

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