The Sixties Radical-Azriel

Some nuggets of  G-dly truth from my teacher Pastor Steve Gray’s sermon Sunday September 3rd.

These words resonate in my mind, heart, body, and soul.

To quote my teacher Pastor Steve Gray. “Acts not reacts. Transform your mind. Set a goal to serve G-d.”

L-rd let me wake up each day to serve you.

The purpose of man is to do mitzvah and study Torah.  Our priority is action. Mind is over matter. The brain and mind controls the natural and the controls the heart.  Mind controls all limbs.

We Jews create through mediation, study of Torah and contemplation an intellectual love for G-d. We can choose what to study. We can choose what to focus on and this will lead us to spirituality.

Do we control the delight or does the delight control us? The only way I can change is if I have a broken heart.

This is my goal to have a broken heart each day so I can serve G-d and be a living example of who my King is Yeshua.

I am Jew who is a follower of Yeshua.

Bring down the fire of G—d so I can change. When I change and become filled with the fire of G-d the world around me changes.

We Jews are by G-d’s design to live in complete connection with G-d’s will.

This is hard. Many times, I get lost and forget what my primary purpose is.

We Jews are supposed bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth so G-d can have HIS dwelling place.

Lo-rd make me pure. Clean me out of all of the things that are not of you.

Being a Jew means I must act in a G-dly way.

I must do.

Being a Jew is an action.

It is a verb.

It is with all my mind, heart, body, soul and all of my might.

It is not about “I” me it is all about G-d and doing HIS mitzvah’s.

It is all about G-d and bringing about G-d’s dwelling place on earth.

Doing Mitzvah’s brings about the nullification of me.

Mitzvah means revelation.

The danger resides when we Jews give into the ways of the world. When we do this, we are going against the word of G-d. G-d’s mitzvahs.

We must resist. Stand firm and fight against this for our sake as well as our children’s and our heritage.

G-d, Family, Study Torah, and work are the key ingredients of a G-dly life.

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