The Sixties Radical-Azriel

Pastor Steve Gray’s Sermon on Sunday September 10th was punch to the solar plexus. It took the wind out of my sails.

My teacher Pastor Steve Gray said these words of G-dly truth. “Stop resisting. Start assisting G-d.  Resist the evil one. G-d will provide a way to escape.  The Evil one wants to tear us away from G-d so we can go back to our old ways of thinking and seeing the world” (I may have paraphrased some these words)

L-rd take all of the evil inclination out of me. Please Yeshua don’t let me fall prey to the trap of thinking the way I used to think. Blame everyone. Not take responsibility for my own actions.  Please L-rd let me not make excuses for my wrong actions.

I cry out to move forward not backward to the old self so the calling on my life is lost.

My first sponsor in AA held up a mirror and asked me. “What you are looking at Robert.

“Me,” I said.

“Good! You are looking at the problem.” He said.

The problem is me not HaShem.

How did Pastor Steve Gray know this has been and is my prayer for the past month or so?

Change me so your calling my life is set in motion to serve, honour and glorify you Yeshua.

There is a difference between meeting and calling. Calling means G-d speaks to you. This means you are part of the plan. You are partnering with G-d.

Meeting means it is accident.

It means it happened.

It is a coincidence.

Thank you, Pastor Steve Gray, for the truth.

I love my teacher Pastor Steve Gray.

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