The Sixties Radical-Azriel

I can’t get these words spoken by Pastor Steve Gray on Sunday September 10th. Yeshua said to Peter:” 31 “Shim‘on, Shim‘on, listen! The Adversary demanded to have you people for himself, to sift you like wheat! 32 But I prayed for you, Shim‘on, that your trust might not fail. And you, once you have turned back in repentance, strengthen your brothers!” Complete Jewish Bible Luke 22:31-32

Pastor Steve said that Yeshua called Peter by his formal name not Peter’s new name. (Paraphrase) “The Evil one wants you to lose your faith. The Evil one wants tear you apart.” (Paraphrase)

This hit me like a ton of bricks. I saw the Evil one not only wanted Peter to give up on his place with Yeshua but to return to his old life as a fisherman as well to return to the dead religious system of Judaism.

We Jews lost our way. Instead of being a light to the non-Jewish Nations and we became corrupt and stopped being a people who sought to transform us first so we would transform the world into a dwelling place for HaShem.

This is what G-d showed Moshe.

This is what our primary purpose in life is really about Alfie.

And this made me cry.

Yeshua means salvation. Yeshua also means the L-rd turned to us. It means to pay attention. To have a general regard for.

The L-rd turned to us and many of us turned away.

Peter didn’t and this is reason for celebration.

Yeshua I pray that my people return to you and see who you really are Yeshua Son of man the Jewish Messiah and the Messiah for the entire world.

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