The Sixties Radical-Azriel Expelling Unclean Spirits

These words from my teacher Pastor Steve Gray on Sunday October 17th are beyond important. They are more than serious.  These words are directly from HaShem.

These words hit home.

“Rebellion is witchcraft. I need to be in my right mind. Unclean spirit means what they are. Evil means what it does.  Capture every thought that is unclean. Put on the garment of praise,” are just some of the G-dly words Pastor Steve spoke today.

I do not know how my teacher Pastor Steve Gray knows what my prayers are? What I am asking G-d to do to me to get me ready to be HIS servant?

L-rd get rid of the evil inclination. Murder this out of my me like David did when he prayed, fasted, and repented for doing the first contracted hit killing in history.

David repented the right way. So, did Rueben and Judah.

Make me clean L-rd. Get rid of all of the unclean thoughts, words and speech out of my life.

Yeshua let me have true forgiveness.

Expel all of the uncleanness out of me so I can become more like you Yeshua.

““Master of the universe, I hereby forgive anyone who has angered or vexed me or sinned against me, whether physically or financially, against my honor or against anything else that belongs to me, whether accidentally or intentionally, inadvertently or deliberately, by speech or by deed… May no one be punished on my account. – Siddur”

Teach me to be humble and let me be teachable.

Let me put on the full garments of G-d. Your word in the Complete Jewish Bible.

The Bible is G-d’s instruction manual.


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