The Sixties Radical-Azriel G-d will Have His Dwelling Place

More thoughts from my class taught by Rabbi Gordon on the Chumash.

G-d’s plan. Man was supposed to live forever. This was in theory. This was until man tasted from the tree of knowledge- of good and evil.  Once man loses his innocence and free choice kicks in man can choose between good and evil man becomes very dangerous. So, it is imperative man not live forever.

The tree of knowledge is where man loses his innocence.  Man becomes capable of acting in a negative way.  This means we can act in an unG-dly way.  Due to this capacity to do evil man must have a limited life span.

This set-in motion G-d’s plan for redemption. The coming of Yeshua to bring us back to HaShem and for us to have eternal life. Through Yeshua death is defeated and G-d will bring heaven to earth. Thus G-d will have HIS dwelling place.

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