The Sixties Radical-Azriel Demolishing Strongholds

Pastor Steve Gray my teacher is getting us ready for the battle of more than a lifetime. This is more important than life or death. The is war between G-d and Satan. It is the battle of heavenly’s.

Pastor Steve Gray’s rocked me on Sunday October 22nd.  My teacher’s words stirred up the fire that has been inside of me for a long time.” There are two kingdoms operating at the same time. The kingdom of Satan and the Kingdom of G-d.  We are at war with Satan. We have no option. Don’t give yourself an option. Yeshua gives us the authority to intervene and fight in this spiritual war.” (some paraphrase)

The real kicker is this: “If you can’t conquer the strongholds in your own life how can you defeat the strongholds that are capturing your city, state, or nation.” (some paraphrase)

This is a heavy dose of reality.

Pastor Steve Gray has been reading my mail, listening to my prayers.

I have never in my life backed down from a fight against my G-d, my family, my teacher or my friends.  Many times, I didn’t know what I was doing. I got my butt kicked sometimes but I kept on fighting and learning.

The enemy was defeated.

Yeshua hear my cries to take away the evil inclination. Let me die to self. Murder self so I become a true Tzaddik like David, like Avraham, Like Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov.

Most of all to be like you Yeshua.

L-rd these are my cries. These are my goals. To bring your holiness, resurrection power and life to all come near me.

Yes l-rd I know my strongholds and I am working on them on day at a time.

Thank you, Pastor Steve Gray, for those words of encouragement.

This reminds me of a Jewish saying:” Gam Zu La Tovah “This means this too, is for the best.

One other major point. My teacher Pastor Steve Gray taught us right out the basic Chasidism text written Rabbi Zalman of Liadi called the Tanya.


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