The Sixties Radical-Azriel- Blessings and Curses

The following thoughts are scattered and may seem disjointed and may not make much sense. Or have logical reason or continuity to them.

Pastor Steve’s sermon Sunday October 29th was one of those two by fours up the side of the head.

Here are some of my teacher Pastor Steve Gray’s words:” Yeshua bought us with HIS blood. G-d’s intention is for us to be blessed. There is still the law. We are not to live in lawlessness. You hear G-d speaking to you and do nothing this leads to a hard heart. Refuse to do what G-d asks of you not only you will have a hard heart. This does not stop with G-d. It effects all of your life.” (some paraphrase)

This is why I love my teachers Pastor Steve and Kathy Gay. They do not pull any punches. The words are loving, kind, severe, and full of generosity.

How can this be?

How can severe be in the mix? It is easy for Severity means the restriction of G-d’s word. It sets up the boundaries. It gives me guidelines. This is the guard rail that keeps me on the straight narrow righteous path.  (Think of Yitz’chak)

Kindness is Avraham.

Generosity is Ya’akov. And this generosity is passed down to Yeshua.

For Yeshua is all three kindness, severity and generosity.

I admit my wrongs. I asked for repentance. I turn back to G-d.  I then become a follower of Yeshua and then the real work begins.

For Yeshua knows I am guilty. I am guilty yet Yeshua pronounces over me I am innocent. The curse is broken, and I am set free.

This doesn’t mean I stop being a Jew. I don’t!

I still follow the Mitzvah’s G-d gave us at Mount Sinai.

G-d break the bondage of self. Drive out of me the evil inclination. Help me stop cursing myself.  Make me clean so I can live a life that will transform the world. Start with me and let me be a real follower of you Yeshua! A Jew is who is transformed into a dwelling place for G-d a living sacrifice on your Altar HaShem.