The Sixties Radical-Azriel Beware when one loses oneself emotionally and intellectually

More thoughts taken from my class on The Best of Man in the Worst of Times taught by Rabbi Gutnick.

Couple this class with what my teacher Pastor Steve Gray is teaching me has exploded my heart, my mind, my body, and my soul into a new level of thinking, being, and seeing.

G-d change me.

Let me see, think, and do like my L-rd and saviour Yeshua taught us to do.

The Torah is to teach us how to live our lives.

The lessons in the Torah are relevant to our lives today.

These lessons are real.

They are not antiquated.

These lessons apply even today no matter what anyone tries to tell us.

These lessons shape our lives and characters.

It is incumbent upon me to study these lessons, learn them, internalize them, then let sink them into brain and then do them.

Take action first and then my feelings will catch up with my actions.

Torah is designed to have G-d’s words supersede my broken thinking into G-d’s way of thinking and acting.

G-d washes my thinking and heart clean so I can act and be a clean person.

When you lose yourself emotionally is one thing. When you lose yourself emotionally and intellectually you have nothing left. The result is when you have severed all ties to your human structure (your human DNA- your expectations as a thinking human being) all hope for humanity is lost.

It wasn’t the collection of sins. It was when we lost the ability to see right from wrong. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Once robbery became sanctioned and it becomes okay to steal the foundation of society cannot stand.

More to come

The Sixties Radical-Azriel Noach was a Flawed and Courageous Man

This is what I learned today from class on The Best of Man in the Worst of Times taught by Rabbi Gutnick.

The following concept rocked my entire world. This blew my mind. I never heard this teaching before.

It wasn’t the immoral behaviour that G-d became really angry with it was this simple yet hard cold fact- man was so trapped by his instinctual desire that his intellectual faculties stopped functioning so that robbery was condoned. This caused all common sense to be thrown out the window. Thus, anything goes.

Genesis 6:11 “Was corrupt” is an expression of immorality and idolatry. “And the earth became full of robbery” [means] thievery.” Rashi

This concept comes from the teaching by Nachmadies, Genesis 6:13:” Our sages teach that man’s fate was sealed with the sin of robbery. Because it is a violation of a mitzvah sichli [a command arrived at through reason], it does not require a prophet to warn us against it.”

This means what I think I do. When my thinking becomes corrupt I become corrupt and I am doomed to fall.  Take this concept a step further, when a government condones stealing that nation is doomed to fail.

Noach was a flawed man yet he was able to with stand the pressures of society to live a life that rejected immorality and legalized stealing.

Noach was a righteous man and this is why he and his family were saved.

Noach is a good example of someone who didn’t succumb to the pressures of society to abandoned G-d. Instead Noach stood firm in his walk with G-d (taken from my teacher Pastor Steve Gray) and this Noach became the father of all future generations of man.

This courageous act led to the birth of the Jewish people through Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov.

And the end the redemption of man was set in motion by Noach’s refusal to give in to the pressures to walk away from G-d and this laid the foundation for Yeshua come from the House of David.

More to come.

The Sixties Radical-Azriel All the Kingdom all the Time!

This is getting really freaky. This is in a good way. My lessons in Chumash and the Tanya were about paying attention to the details and the instructions G-d gives us in the Torah.

What does my teacher Pastor Steve Gray preach about today Sunday November 26th details, details, details.

What details do you ask?

My teacher Pastor Steve Gray said:” G-d wants to bless us. In return we serve only G-d and we give up all other G-d’s except HaShem- The G-d of Avraham, Yitz’chak and Ya’akov (I added the last part)

The Pastor Steve Gray added the real kicker;” Yeshua reactivated the covenant for the last time. “

Then I saw the 613 mitzvahs’ as a ladder ascending into the sky. At the very last rung of the ladder was Yeshua with his hand welcoming us home.

My eyes filled up with tears when my teacher Pastor Steve Gray said:” G-d’s agreement is for us to walk together with HaShem. Not walk together in agreement but walk together with G-d”

Then my teacher Pastor Steve Gary added this huge gem;” Think of this book as details not in general.”

Then I saw Moshe arguing with G-d when we built the golden calf.

G-d wanted to destroy us all.

Moshe changed G-d’s mind.

G-d thanked Moshe for breaking the tablets. For either tablets would be destroyed or the Jewish people.

Moshe knew the heart of G-d and this is why Moshe broke the tablets. (Deuteronomy 33:12)

The words of the Shema prayer echoed in my head.

We say this prayer every morning. “So that you may remember and perform all My mitzvot; and be holy to your God. I am God, your God, Who has removed you from the land of Egypt to be a God to you. I am God your God… it is true.”

This why I love my teacher Pastor Steve Gray. “Real forgiveness is when you cancel the debit and pay for it yourself”

This is what Yeshua did.

This is what Moshe did.

Then I saw my teacher Steve Gray’s real heart. He is willing to do this for us.

L-rd let me lead by example.

Love is an action.

Love is correction.

Love is discipline

Love is a kind word.

Love is an arm around someone shoulder that needs comfort and compassion.

Love is active listening.

Love is willing to take direction.

Love is admitting you are wrong and then changing your actions.

To be a Jew one must learn how to be a Jew first.

To learn how to be a Jew? Study Torah.

We are taught how be Jew’s by our parents, Rabbi’s, and family.

Torah is G-d’s lesson plan.

In the end it all comes back to covenant. Covenant means I must give up self, so I can be a real human being that serves G-d first and then and only then can the world be changed when I change treat people the way I would like to be treated.

This sums up G-d’s word perfectly.

The Sixties Radical-Azriel Creation

This is taken from my class on the Tanya taught by Rabbi Gordon.

Creation is made up of four parts inanimate, animate, vegetable, and human.  The human being is highest form of creation. Yet the human being cannot live without the lower forms of creation.

The  human being cannot live without animals.

The animals and man cannot live without vegetable or vegetation.

And neither the human being,  the animals and vegetables or vegetation cannot live without water or minerals.

So how is it that man needs the lower forms of creation to live?

The answer lies in the Torah.

The Torah states that not by bread alone can man live.  Man lives on the word of G-d invested in the bread.

Why is this so?

It is the higher word of G-d invested in the lower that keeps us humans alive.

The Toho energy is invested in the mineral and animal and this Toho energy sustains us.

The Sixties Radical-Azriel Holy Rebels

L-rd do not let me become arrogant like Korach. L-rd let me be humble and teachable.

G‑d told Moses to conduct a test that would demonstrate the error of Korach and his supporters. Offering up incense was part of the Tabernacle service that was allowed to be performed only by the priests, and only at specified times. The Jewish people had previously witnessed how Aaron’s two elder sons had died on account of having offered up an unauthorized incense offering. Now, G‑d had Moses instruct Korach and his company to offer up incense, as would Aaron, also. Whoever’s incense was not accepted by G‑d would perish.

Let each man take his censer and place incense upon it, and let each man present his censer before G‑d. Numbers 16:17

Although they knew that unauthorized use of the incense would cause their death, Korach and his followers took up the challenge. They wished to experience the lofty service of the high priest even if it would cost them their lives.

In this sense, their motivations were pure, and we can learn from their example, similarly aspiring to the most uplifting spiritual experiences. Their error, which we must also learn from, was disregarding the absurdity of going against G‑d’s will in order to get close to Him.1 Likutei Sichot, vol. 18, pp. 190–191.

The Sixties Radical-Azriel Community and Individual

A community that builds itself by quashing the individual is not a community.

True unity and harmony is only achieved when each individual plays his or her unique part, meshing and interlocking together as a single, organic whole.

From a letter to a kibbutz member. See also 11 Shvat 5731, sicha 3. Likutei Sichot, vol. 18 pg. 115.

The Sixties Radical-Azriel Sharing the Workload

In every venture, divide the workload between yourself and your Partner Above.

Where is the dividing line? That depends on the sort of venture.

When it comes to anything to do with money, health, or anything material, the dividing line is that point at which you become emotionally obsessed. Up until there, do your job as best you know how. Anything necessary past that line is best left in His trust.

In spiritual matters, take whatever He gives you and fire it up with all you’ve got.

Kuntres Umayan, Maamar 17; Maamar Mayim Rabim 5738