The Sixties Radical-Azriel G-d wants your Attention

How does my teacher Pastor Steve Gray know these things? One of the discussion we have had in our house for the past six months is that G-d wants us to turn to HIM. HaShem wants our attention. Yeshua is crying out to us to come to HIM.

G-d wants our attention.

Out of the box Sunday November 5th my Teacher Pasto Steve Gray said:” G-d is trying to get your attention. Yeshua wants your attention. I am still here. You can always come back to G-d”

Then my teacher Pastor Steve Gray defined forsake. It means “for your sake. I will never stop doing things for your sake.”

Then my teacher Pastor Steve Gray said:” G-d will you to heal the hole in your heart.”

My next thought was my G-d I think I know why we Jews have a hard time with Yeshua. There is so much attention placed on the Christian world and what Yeshua means to the Christian world that we Jews are pushed out of the way and abandoned by G-d.

If we accept Yeshua we have to stop being Jews.

I thought the same way.

I was wrong.

G-d never abandoned us.

We Jews have a mission to be a mentor to the rest of the world.

Yeshua told me six years ago “You are bought and paid for by my blood. My death on the cross. My resurrection from the dead. You are mine. I own you.”

Yeshua never said stop doing mitzvahs.

Yeshua never said forget about what was given to you at Mount Sinai.

Yeshua is the L-rd of my life. My saviour and my King.

This means when Yeshua turned to us. Some of us respond yes. Many of us responded no.

My heart, my mind, my body and my soul cries out for my people to come back to G-d and see the truth of who Yeshua really is-The Son of Man- Moshiach the one that Ya’akov was ready to reveal to his twelve sons before he died. (Genesis 49) G-d took away the Rauch.

Ya’akov could only speak about the blessings to his twelve sons.

I love my teacher Pastor Steve Gray.

Pastor Steve Gray has a true heart for all of us Jews.

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