The Sixties Radical-Azriel The Cupboard is Bare

G-d is using my teacher Pastor Steve Gray to speak to us.  I need these words. For I want to see the truth. I want to know who G-d really is and I want to have an intimate relationship with HaShem like Yeshua, David, Moshes, Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov.

My teacher Pastor Steve Gray’s sermon Sunday November 12th said:” Your life is determined by what you hunger for. If you don’t have a need your cupboard is bare. G-d rebukes those HE loves. G-d tells the truth to those HE loves.  G-d wants to disciple you.” (some paraphrase)

These thoughts are kind of scattered

These words are true. They are kind and gentle words.

Yeah, I know are you crazy?

Yes! I have papers to prove I am nuts.

What about you?

What hit me hard is that Yeshua is cleaning out my life. The L-rd is forcing me once again to take good hard look at who I really am.

This is done to get me ready for service in G-d’s army.

All G-d wants from me is my entire life.

Is this a tall order?


Can it be done?

Yes! It takes a lifetime.

Is it worth it?


David did it.

Moshe, Avraham, Yitz’chak and Ya’akov did it.

So did Paul.

So did Yeshua.

Yeshua was sent to us Jews first then to the first of the world.

Yeshua means G-d turned to us. HaShem wanted to know if we were still hungry for G-d. or were we empty?

Some of us were still hungry while others were empty and blind to what HaShem was trying to show us and teach us.

I am hungry for you HaShem.

Yeshua is the L-rd of my life.

Please keep me teachable. Please L-rd do not let become a bag of hot wind that is full of sound and fury signifying nothing.,

Keep hungry every day to study and do your word and mitzvahs.

This is why I love my teacher Pastor Steve Gray. When I came to World Revival Church April 2014, I was ignorant. By becoming a disciple of Pastor Steve Gray I am no longer ignorant. My teacher Pastor Steve Gray got me back to my Jewish roots and studying Torah everyday as well as the Tanya. I am no longer blind, and I can see.

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