The Sixties Radical-Azriel Lessons from Chumash

These  teachings are taken from my online class taught by Rabbi Gordon on the Chumash.

Ya’akov lived 147 years. He arrived in Egypt when he was 130 years old. There are fourteen years that are uncounted for in the life of Ya’akov.

How did this happen you ask?  When Ya’akov left his home to be with Laban he made a detour. Ya’akov went to study Torah in the Yeshiva of Shem and Avraham.

Ya’akov hid there for fourteen years.

When Ya’akov left we know that his uncle Ismael died.

At the same time Ya’akov when  left his father’s house, Esau went to marry the daughter of Ismael.  And this is important because it gives another chronical marker, and this helps us understand a lot of chronical facts in G-ds word.

All of this comes from the Talmud and the oral law. (Genesis 25:12-18)

This is what I didn’t know. When Ismael died he was considered a Tzaddik.

How could this be?

Ismael repented and turned from his evil ways.  This was due to Sarah’s direction and teaching him the ways of G-d and thus Ismael turned back to G-d and became a righteous man.

Who says G-d is not the G-d of miracles.

This is truly a miracle from G-d.

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