The Sixties Radical-Azriel Beware when one loses oneself emotionally and intellectually

More thoughts taken from my class on The Best of Man in the Worst of Times taught by Rabbi Gutnick.

Couple this class with what my teacher Pastor Steve Gray is teaching me has exploded my heart, my mind, my body, and my soul into a new level of thinking, being, and seeing.

G-d change me.

Let me see, think, and do like my L-rd and saviour Yeshua taught us to do.

The Torah is to teach us how to live our lives.

The lessons in the Torah are relevant to our lives today.

These lessons are real.

They are not antiquated.

These lessons apply even today no matter what anyone tries to tell us.

These lessons shape our lives and characters.

It is incumbent upon me to study these lessons, learn them, internalize them, then let sink them into brain and then do them.

Take action first and then my feelings will catch up with my actions.

Torah is designed to have G-d’s words supersede my broken thinking into G-d’s way of thinking and acting.

G-d washes my thinking and heart clean so I can act and be a clean person.

When you lose yourself emotionally is one thing. When you lose yourself emotionally and intellectually you have nothing left. The result is when you have severed all ties to your human structure (your human DNA- your expectations as a thinking human being) all hope for humanity is lost.

It wasn’t the collection of sins. It was when we lost the ability to see right from wrong. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Once robbery became sanctioned and it becomes okay to steal the foundation of society cannot stand.

More to come

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