The Sixties Radical-Azriel The Torah is G-d’s Lesson Plan

Pastor JD King’s sermon today Sunday December 3rd brought me to tears. This was needed. G-d is in the process of breaking me. Breaking down my evil inclination, the ego and pride that is holding me back from serving G-d with all my heart, my mind, my body, my soul and my might.

This might seem kinda scattered and incoherent so here it goes.

Pastor JD’s words hit me right where I live- my mind and my heart. “The Bible is about family. G-d comes down to transform the world. G-d is offering us a family covenant.”

Then the real kicker in the teeth;” Opportunity can look like disaster. Are willing to discover something more with G-d.”

Think about this for more than a minute when Pastor JD King said:” G-d is inviting us (Israel) into a new place with HIM.”

This last statement literally broke me. I knew at that moment I had run to the altar of G-d. Thrown myself into prayer with a prayer warrior. Fall on my face to beg G-d to let me go into a new place with HaShem.

Then I heard the words Torah is not a history book. It is a book of lessons. Torah is G-d speaking to us.

G-d get my thinking right. Please get me in my right mind.

Then these words came before me. When you lose yourself emotionally is one thing. When you lose yourself emotionally and intellectually you have nothing left. The result is you have severed all ties to your human structure. All hope for humanity is lost.

Pastor JD King’s sermon gave me hope when he said:” G-d can come alive in your soul and you are standing on the edge with G-d.”

Yes, my mind and soul are alive. HaShem is helping me murder myself serving ways, so my family and I can serve G-d and be G-d’s true servant.

G-d let keep the common sense you have given me. G-d let my people keep their common sense. Change us so we can better serve you.

This is what we Jews were put in earth for- We are G-d’s people, so we can be the light unto the nations. This can only happen if we accept who our father is HaShem and show the world who HaShem  really is.

Push me over the edge with you L-rd into a whole new dimension of serving G-d and my family.

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