The Sixties Radical-G-d has great Patience

These are some more of the lessons I am learning from Rabbi Gutnick’s class on Noach and the great flood.

G-d is teaching us through the instruction and the salvation in the great flood is the remedy for us and the world to find its new beginning.

G-d is also teaching us that in HIS word we can find in every aspect of our lives what is relevant and the answers that we need.

G-d was giving humanity a chance to repent- turn back to HaShem.

G-d has great patience with us even though we are not worthy to have this patience.

We were worthy of punishment and retribution. Yet G-d delayed the building of the Ark for 120 years to give us time to repent-turn back to G-d

On the surface it looks like G-d is a vindictive and punishing. This is totally misleading when one delves into the Torah.

G-d used the great flood to bring into the world hope and renewal. The water represents the mikvah the ritual cleaning out of us what is unclean, to purify us – the evil inside of us so that we can start anew.

To the naked eye, the water looked like destruction however the real purpose was to wash away the sins of the world to we can start again.

G-d hit the reset button.

This great flood paved the way for Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov to give birth to us Jews. This great flood paved the way for Moshe, Mount Sinai and the giving the Torah that led to the birth of Yeshua the Jewish Messiah- the saviour of us Jews and the rest of the world.

Just a few words to think about on this day.

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