The Sixties Radical- G-d is not appalled with you! You are appalled with You!

This needs to be said. These words need to be written on paper. My teacher Pastor Steve Gray said these words just before the offering was taken Sunday December 3rd. These words hit home with me.

I can’t get them out of my head.

My teacher Pastor Steve Gray said:” These people that have been snapped have a deeper relationship with G-d than those that have not been snapped. Snap me. Bend me before G-d. “(paraphrase)

Then my teacher added these words; “G-d searches for those to help G-d.”

I knew right from the get go G-d was using my teacher Pastor Steve Gray to speak to me.

These following words tore into my head, my heart and my soul:” feel the responsibility for the things of G-d. Go through life with your head in the yoke for Yeshua.”

The following words echoed in my head:” G-d is not appalled at you. You are appalled at you.”

I have been crying out to HaShem to use me.

Get me right with you.

Get me right with my family.

I feel like I am wasting my G-d given talents.

Let me use them to serve you.

Make me boil even harder and faster for you L-rd.

Get things that are holding me back from serving you Yeshua blasted out of my life.

Murder myself like David did to become a true Tsaddik- a righteous person.

I am being snapped.  Snapped into many pieces.

Change me.

I heard you my teacher Pastor Steve Gray.

I heard you G-d.

I heard you Yeshua.

Do not overlook me.

Use me.

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