The Sixties Radical-Azriel Improving the World

For us human beings to live in harmony with nature, it is not enough that we cause it no harm, or even that we attempt to leave zero footprint behind. The only way we can achieve sustainable symbiosis with our environment is by improving it.

And should you ask, “How can a member of the ecological system have the audacity to believe that he can improve that system? On the contrary, don’t you see that all we have done until now has been reckless and destructive?”

But this is the defining quality of the human being: On the one hand, we are part of this world; on the other, we bring with us a power from beyond, the power of tikun—to reorganize, innovate, and improve. That is why we were originally placed in the garden, “to work it and to protect it.”

With the same capacity with which we have wrecked the environment, with that we can bring it—and must bring it—to be yet more resilient, harmonious, and beautiful.

11 Nisan, 5748

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