The Sixties Radical-Azriel When We give the Same Attributes of G-d to Idols We are Living in Sin!

I do not how my teacher Pastor Steve Gray does it. He is like a mind reader or better yet a soul reader. He can Pastor Steve Gary peer deep into a person’s soul-mine and see what is in there.

His words echoed or better smacked me upside the head.

Think about this for more than a minute or two.

My teacher Pastor Steve Gray said today Sunday December 17th,” Give to a fat man in funny red suit the attributes of G-d then we try to convince our children that Yeshua- G-d has all of these attributes after our children learn Santa Claus is a myth.” (paraphrase)

Then my teacher Pastor Steve Gray said this mind nuking words of G-dly truth:” Our world wants to give away the power of G-d so we do not need the power of G-d.”

Being a Jew Christmas and Santa Claus means nothing. With that said I heard these words it is so hard to be a Jew.”

I heard that so much and then add into the mix rebellion I was one messed up puppy. I walked away from G-d at the age of thirteen to follow a life of wine women, song drugs, and become a sports hero.

The short version I had my first drink at the age of eleven. I become a full-blown Alcoholic by the time I was fifteen. I was thrown out of a major university three days into my sophomore year. I was on a full ride for being a pretty good athlete. I got drunk beat the crap out the Dean of Students. I ran around naked shouting I was a rowdy revolutionary and I was going to take over the world. My mother came at got me at three in the morning.

The L-rd got me sober December 16th, 1971. Praise G-d the L-rd has blessed me with continuous sobriety.

It took me a long time to get back to my father’s house. Yet HaShem never gave up on me. Father Jack and Father George always told me I was the most blessed man I know. They kept on pushing me to get back to my faith.

HaShem kept putting men of G-d in my life.

I would go to Temple for a while then stop. Go back to Temple again then stop. Then I met Yeshua for real in January of 2007. Luis Palau was preaching at the Church on the Way. I went to keep peace in the house.

Luis Palau was speaking to me.  That same day I became a follower of Yeshua. The following Wednesday I was baptized.

This started me on the road to root out of me the evil inclination that was ruining my life. G-d was removing all of the idols I had worshiped- Sports, acting, movies, fame, my own will, and the rest.

The ways of the world were being ripped out of me.

HaShem led me to where I needed to be with my teacher Pastor Steve Gray at World Revival Church.

Pastor Steve Gray brought me back to being a Jew, a follower of Yeshua, and most important of all back to my father’s house.

Being here has restored my marriage, my life, and most important of all relationship with G-d and filled with the Ruach HaKodesh.

This is why I love and respect my teacher Pastor Steve Gray.

For I saw G-d speaking through Pastor Gray Sunday December 17th.

I am no longer an ignorant Jew.  Every morning, prayer, study of the Torah and the Tanya is done in our house.

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