The Sixties Radical-Azriel Yeshua Leads Both Jew and Gentile into the Light

I can’t get these words my teacher Pastor Steve Gary spoke on Sunday December 24th out of my mind:” Herod the Great is a descendant of Esav.”

These words sent shivers down my spine. We Jews are taught by our sages that the descendants of Esav are Rome and Greece.  These are the two people that enslaved us and wanted to destroy us Jews.

The specter of Rome hung over our heads during the time of Yeshua. The Romans are the ones who destroyed the second Temple in 70 AD.

We lost over a million us during the siege and destruction of the second Temple.

During my teacher Pastor Steve Gray’s sermon, this Torah lesson came flooding into my mind. When Ya’akov sent a lavish gift to Esav to appease him maybe this wasn’t such a good idea according to our sages. Ya’akov should have said:” I have G-d’s blessing. Take a hike. Have a good day. I have G-d’s protection.”

Ya’akov wanted to send a gift Esav. Maybe Ya’akov wanted to kowtow to Esav.  So, this very act subjugated the Jewish people to Esav. This is the Jewish people being ruled by the Roman Empire.

This very act enabled Esav to have power over Ya’akov’s descendants.

Then these very words cemented in my heart, my mind, my body, and my soul G-d was using my teacher Pastor Steve Gray to show us that Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah-The Moshiach- the anointed one to be the new Moshe to lead us-Jew and Gentile into the light.

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