The Sixties Radical-Azriel Grabbing Opportunities

Loosen your grasp. Stop trying to micromanage your world. The One who made it is already doing that.

What does He leave for you? Opportunities. Another chance and another chance to do good.

And if you should fail, yet another chance.

Grab the opportunities. Let Him decide where they lead.

Hayom Yom 21 Iyar, 14 Iy

The Sixties Radical-Azriel Pressing on in Holiness

After my teacher Steve Gray finished preaching on Sunday January 28th I realized I have a long way to go. My teacher’s words hit me right up side of the head.  They knocked me for a loop.

My teacher Pastor Steve Gray’s words at the same time gave me hope.

My teacher Pastor Steve Gray showed us how much he loves and cares about us by sharing with us the truth about G-d’s word.

I need that.

I need a teacher that will knock me upside the head with the truth.

Here are some of my teacher Pastor Steve Gray’s loving words:” Holiness is a position. I must make a decision to separate myself from the normal ways of the world.”

HaShem, has been dealing with me about this for the past month or so.  I cannot react like am part of the world. I must change. I want to change. I want to be closer to G-d.

Reacting this way is no longer an option for me.

For most of my life, I saw people and I said:” I wish I could be like so and so. They have it all together. I want to be like the rest of the people I see.  I don’t want to be different.”

I walked away from G-d many years ago.

I made a conscious decision to return to G-d February 8th, 2007 when I accepted Yeshua as the Jewish Messiah.

I made a conscious decision to learn and study Torah for real was made when G-d knee capped me at World Revival Church in November 2015.

From that point on studying Torah and Tanya became an active part of my day seven days a week.

My day starts with studying Torah and Tanya

Then G-d put this thought in my head. “You are wrong thinking you want to be like the people you see. I want you to be like me. I want you to be like the people you study day in and day out. Yeshua, Avraham, Yitz’chak, Ya’akov and Moshe.”

This hit me like a ton of bricks.

Then my teacher Pastor Steve Gray said this:” Holiness is a declaration of Liberation.”

Followed by these words:” Holiness is an investment in the Kingdom that is.  Yeshua is the new normal.”

This takes work.

This is the task and the direction I want to follow and do in my life, so my family and friends will see and know the truth and the real word of G-d.

Thank you, Pastor Steve Gray, for showing me the way back to my Jewish roots and who I am really am.  I am a proud Jew who wants to serve Yeshua and be of service to the Kingdom of G-d.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel Why are we encouraged to pray in Hebrew?

Why are we encouraged to pray in Hebrew?

Hebrew is a limited language.  Hebrew has a limited number of words. Each word in Hebrew has a root. It has a beginning and an end to it. The words in Hebrew has various meanings. This depends on the context of the word.

These words have associations of similar meanings.

These words are linked together.

There are layers and layers of meanings of these words.

When a word is translated from Hebrew to let’s say English you can only translate one meaning.

When we say those words in Hebrew we are including all of the meanings of those words.

The words of the Torah are inspired by G-d Himself.

We use these words we invested in these words our feelings and thus we have personalized prayer.

The formal words infused with our feelings connect us with all Jews since the beginning of time.

These formulaic words connect us and keep us connected to our history while at the same time we are investing our emotions into the words written by the Great Assembly, so we can have our relationship with G-d.

The Sixties Radical-Azriel The knowledge of The Oneness of G-d

G-d looks at the world and sees G-d.

We look at the world see independence.

Creation is the speech of G-d.

HaShem conceals himself on purpose so we can have freedom of choice.

Everything is a result of HaShem. Every power in the world, nature, and the planets is a result of G-d.

Where does G-d Dwell?

Wherever G-d is permitted to enter.

What keeps G-d from entering?

It is arrogance.

There is only one G-d. And everything is an expression of G-d and this expression has no independent will.

This is the knowledge of the oneness of G-d.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel Prayer is The Service of The Heart.

More thoughts from the class on Why we pray?

Service to G-d is activity.

Those words of prayer are just words.

When I put the feelings and the emotions into those words of prayer I speak those words come alive within me and those around me.

Prayer is the service of the heart.

G-d doesn’t need to how great HE is. We have to know how great G-d is.

If you are not willing to put the work into prayer you will not get the benefit from prayer.

I want to pray.

I want to be there to communicate with G-d.

If prayer becomes a religious obligation you are lost. You will not enter into the gate of prayer if you are not focused on what you are praying about and the meaning of the words of the prayer you are speaking.

Every minute you invest into the study of prayer this is an investment for a lifetime.

The Sixties Radical-Azriel Prayer is Making a Philosophical Statement

Think about this for more than a minute or two.

The following thoughts are taken from my class on Why do we pray?

Prayer is a task.

It is an art.

G-d doesn’t need prayer.

G-d doesn’t have needs.

We have needs.

G-d wants a relationship with us and this is why we pray.

Our prayer Grace after meals is a recognition of G-d’s involvement in the world. This doesn’t mean that G-d created the world and then said:” Bye you are on your own.”

Prayer means that G-d knows we have needs so tell me (G-d) about them.


Then you will know that (I) G-d am involved in the world.

G-d is involved in our day to day lives. G-d works these things out for us, so we have what we need.  G-d is with us all the time, so prayer is making a philosophical statement that I know you are involved in my life to reinforce in my mind that you G-d are the one who provides for all my needs.