The Sixties Radical-Azriel The End is Near

Thank you, my teacher Pastor Steve Gray, for airing the services on Facebook.  For the past few days my body has been under attack from the Flu. This will not stop me from attending services at World Revival Church even if it is on Facebook.

Baruch HaShem!

Once again, your words Pastor Steve Gray have sparked an eruption in me. This explosion has blown me up inside.

My mind is strangled. Yet at the same time there are several clear thoughts. Yeshua is the beginning and the end. G-d let Rome destroy the second Temple in 70 AD to save us Jews and to bring redemption to the rest of the world.

Wait a minute mister!

Are you crazy?

Yes! And I have the papers to prove it.

These words from my teacher rang in my ears.” The end of the world as we know started when Yeshua conceived with the Holy Spirit. A new man will be formed.”

Then everything made even more sense.  G-d loves us so much that HaShem is always giving us corrections and a way out to save us from ourselves.

This path back to G-d came in form of Noach, Avraham, Yitz’chak and Ya’akov, Moshe, and David. The most important one of all is Yeshua- The Moshiach- the anointed one.

My teacher Pastor Steve Gray said: “This fire of G-d will melt me, will cleanse me and transform me. We will look forward to this day. You can survive the fire of G-d for this has already happened to us”

Yeshua burn into me even more  of your fire. Transform me. Murder all the evil inclination that is in me.

Let me become a real Tzaddik. Help me Yeshua to transform all the evil inclination that is in me into righteousness.

Thank you, Pastor Steve Gray, for the true heart you have for us Jews, Israel and Jerusalem. For you Pastor Steve Gray are a righteous man who G-d is using you to bring Jews to Yeshua- the Jewish Messiah.

This journey to back to Yeshua for me began for real January 2007.

We Jews know the truth of who Yeshua is.

The final words of the Torah are these; “Nor with great regard to the breaking of the tablets, which Moshe did in all view of Israel, in order to save them from punishment and for which he earned G-d’s approval” Deuteronomy 34, The Chumash)

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