The Sixties Radical-Azriel Pressing Beyond Our Past

This is really hard to write. So here it goes.  It may look negative. It is not. This is a dose of truth that I needed so I can become a real servant of G-d.

Thank you, Pastor Steve Gray, for the real dose of truth so people like me can become even more a true servant of G-d and follower of the real Yeshua.

I saw Yeshua speaking through my teacher Pastor Steve Gray January 7th.

The sermon on Sunday January 7th by my teacher Pastor Steve Gray really opened my eyes widen open.

My teacher Pastor Steve Gray said these words:” I lost confidence in what I thought was right. What I was feeling was wrong.”

Then the real head knocker. The real mind-blowing revelation:” The way I handled it was wrong. What if I was wrong.”

“When we put confidence in the past we empower the past. I am calling it garbage my past.”

This all sounds really bad, but it is not.  G-d is using my teacher Pastor Steve Gray to open up my eyes to who I really am.

They key is to admit I have a problem.

I do.

My first sponsor in AA held up a mirror and asked me:” What do you see?

“I see me.”

“You are looking at the problem.”

I was wrong!

I am wrong!

Does my past cloud my judgement?


Is my past reliable?


My best ideas led me down a path of self-destruction.

Thank you Yeshua for putting in my life Rabbi Helman and Rabbi Kramer, Pastor’s Steve and Kathy Gray, people like Dick Flanagan, Father Jack Flynn, Father George Sundergaard, Clancy Imislund, Jim Talarico.

G-ds saved this wreck of a Jew. Ha Shem has blessed me with a good life.

HaShem reached down and saved this Alcoholic and drug addict on December 16th, 1971. Since that time G-d has blessed me with continuous sobriety.

My old ideas, old notions, old ways of looking at things are being murdered out me like David after the contract hit he put on Uriah.

This hurts like hell.

This process is taking along time.

I have to admit this Jew is still working on expelling the last remnants of prejudice against Christians.

This has been rooted in me for a long time.

G-d has been dealing with this since 2007. This is all began right after I accepted Yeshua as the anointed one and became a follower of the Moshiach.

I was with my wife I heard a man preach. I though this anti semantic prick Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. G-d told me to shut up and listen to this man.

I did!

Over the years G-d has opened up my eyes to show me I was wrong.

This moment of clarity from G-d led me down the path to World Revival Church in Kansas City.

G-d put in my heart to move to World Revival Church in 2007. We didn’t move here until May 2014.

If we would have moved here a moment sooner or later this Jew would not be open to the true teachings of G-d that my teacher Pastor Steve Gray teaches us.

I was lost and now I am found.

I was blind and now I can see.

“Strain Forward like Paul. G-d is going to take me to a place that is uncomfortable. Strain forward to the future to meet the real Yeshua.”

This is why I love my teacher Pastor Steve Gray.

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