The Sixties Radical-Azriel Transform my Heart

More lessons from the Tanya.

This is very hard for me to  connect what I understand to what I feel.

My Heart cannot rule me. If it does I am screwed.

Part of some days my burning passions are for seven-layer cake. Most days I have a burning passion for G-d and study of Torah.

The hard part is turn this burning passion for seven-layer cake into a  passionate love for G-d.

This battle has been going on for a long time.

Many days I take seven steps forward and six steps backwards. Yet, each day I am making progress in the transformation of self.

Yeshua is the key. When I became a follower of Yeshua all hell broke loose in my life.  Yet this was and is the best choice in my life.

This choice has set me free.

Each day gets better and better.

Please G-d set me free from the past.  Show me the mistakes I made in the past and the present.

Show me my bad decisions in the past and the present.

Please show me where I thought I was right in the decisions of the past and murder these assumptions, so my past is dead and gone so I am set free to be open to what G-d has planned for me.

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