The Sixties Radical-Azriel Let my heart for G-d Change Me!

Another lesson from the Tanya.

The power of emotion and desire is a must for my prayers to reach HaShem. Prayers with the power of emotion will change the world and reach G-d’s ears.

The heart can cause the mitzvahs and the study of Torah into a connection with G-d.

The power of intellectual love of G-d combined with the passionate desire of the heart to serve G-d  will transform us and  the world into a heaven on Earth.

This is what Yeshua was teaching us (me).

Get your heart right.

L-rd please get my heart right so I can serve you.

This reminds of what I was taught fake it until you make it.

This means do the actions until the actions of studying Torah and doing mitzvahs become ingrained in my heart.