The Sixties Radical-Azriel Prayer is Making a Philosophical Statement

Think about this for more than a minute or two.

The following thoughts are taken from my class on Why do we pray?

Prayer is a task.

It is an art.

G-d doesn’t need prayer.

G-d doesn’t have needs.

We have needs.

G-d wants a relationship with us and this is why we pray.

Our prayer Grace after meals is a recognition of G-d’s involvement in the world. This doesn’t mean that G-d created the world and then said:” Bye you are on your own.”

Prayer means that G-d knows we have needs so tell me (G-d) about them.


Then you will know that (I) G-d am involved in the world.

G-d is involved in our day to day lives. G-d works these things out for us, so we have what we need.  G-d is with us all the time, so prayer is making a philosophical statement that I know you are involved in my life to reinforce in my mind that you G-d are the one who provides for all my needs.