The Sixties Radical- Azriel Why are we encouraged to pray in Hebrew?

Why are we encouraged to pray in Hebrew?

Hebrew is a limited language.  Hebrew has a limited number of words. Each word in Hebrew has a root. It has a beginning and an end to it. The words in Hebrew has various meanings. This depends on the context of the word.

These words have associations of similar meanings.

These words are linked together.

There are layers and layers of meanings of these words.

When a word is translated from Hebrew to let’s say English you can only translate one meaning.

When we say those words in Hebrew we are including all of the meanings of those words.

The words of the Torah are inspired by G-d Himself.

We use these words we invested in these words our feelings and thus we have personalized prayer.

The formal words infused with our feelings connect us with all Jews since the beginning of time.

These formulaic words connect us and keep us connected to our history while at the same time we are investing our emotions into the words written by the Great Assembly, so we can have our relationship with G-d.

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