The Sixties Radical- Azriel Lessons from The Torah-

Our sages teach us that the burning bush that Moshe saw was a sign from G-d that I am with you in your troubles.  The reason why Moshe had to conceal his face from seeing G-d this was not the right time to make the request to see the face of G-d.

The Sixties Radical-Azriel Learning from David

Tears steamed up my ears when my teacher Pastor Steve Gray said these words about David Sunday February 25th;” Something snapped in David when he heard Goliath insult G-d. David was defending G-d’s honour.”

Those words pierced my mind. my heart, and my soul. Every Jew was given a piece of G-d’s soul at Mount Sinai.

My teacher added these words:” David’s motive was to save the honour of G-d.”

Followed by these gems: “Goliath stood there challenging us to a duel for forty days.”

Then my mind snapped. I thought about Moshe on Mount Sinai with G-d writing down the Ten Commandments for forty days. After the Golden calf went back up Mount Sinai to spend another Forty days writing down the Ten Commandments.

This was followed by Yeshua in the wilderness for forty days fasting and being tempted by Satan.

Then I saw the pattern of G-d. While Moshe was on Mount Sinai we Jews lost our trust and built the Golden Calf. G-d wanted to destroy us. Moshe changed G-d’s mind and thus we were saved.

Once again G-d sent David to change our history.  We Jews were stuck between two kingdoms Sha’ul’s who lost the Rauch HaKodesh and David’s who now had the Rauch HaKodesh.  And this was the very prophesy that Ya’akov spoke over his son Y’hudah that Yeshua would come from the house  of Y’hudah.

G-d kept his promise. HaShem used David to set up Davidic dynasty. This dynasty gave birth to Yeshua. And this very act led to G-d answering our prayer Barukh ata HaShem Eloheinu, Melekh ha’olam.

G-d come down and entered into our world. G-d took the form of Yeshua the Jewish Messiah-the Moshiach.

Thus, Yeshua was tempted by Satan. It didn’t work and this set-in motion G-d’s plan for redemption.

I know this is long winded. When my teacher Pastor Steve Gray preaches these things are shown to me.

I hear you speaking to HaShem.  Help me get rid of the carnal weapons and pick up your weapons L-rd.  This is what David did. Get rid of the old weapons that are in me.  Please teach me the new weapons you L-rd have given me.

This is such a great gift G-d gave us (me). G-d gave us (me0 the privilege, the gift to address HaShem directly in prayer.

The words of prayer powered by the emotion of prayer and directed by our thoughts of prayer what a powerful gift G-d gave us to change me and the world around me.

So, G-d we offer back to you the words you gave us in your Torah.

This is what David did in our prayer book Tehillim.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel The Love of G-d

G-d you have given us an unlimited love that you G-d do not show for the angels. We (I) make mistakes. We (I) choose the wrong path.

The angels are perfect.

I am not.

How can this be?

Choice requires G-d to love us by giving us the option of choice. We (I) choose right. We (I) make mistakes. This allows us to have a credit for what we (I) are accomplishing.

G-d you gave us the ability to accomplish something. This is where the real love of G-d comes from. For G-d doesn’t give us everything He lets us do, accomplish and achieve. Yes, we (I) fail at times. G-d overlooks it and continues the process.

This is greatest love G-d has given us.

The Sixties Radical-Azriel G-d’s Gift to Us Prayer!

What a gift G-d gave me.

G-d gave me the privilege, the gift to address HaShem directly in prayer.

The words of prayer powered by the emotion of prayer and directed by our thoughts of prayer what a powerful gift G-d gave us to change us and the world around us.

So, G-d we offer back to you the words you gave us in your Torah.

The Sixties Radical-Azriel Ahavat olam !

Think about these words Ahavat olam. -everlasting love G-d has for us and what the means. G-d the creator of the universe  is concerned about me as an individual. G-d to  create me with all my faults, all of my foibles, and all of my potential, G-d was specific about that. And that was the love that G-d showed me.

When  I go out and act upon the gifts that G-d gave me.  I go out and do G-d’s mitzvahs. I go out  and do acts of kindness, generosity and love these actions show G-d how much I love HIM.

This is due to the fact that G-d loves me.

Thus, through G-d’s love for me I become significant by doing G-d’s will on earth.

What a gift G-d gave me!

The Sixties Radical-Azriel G-d’s Real Love for Us!

G-d chose HIS people Israel with love.

This begs the question what is this love?

It is very simple G-d gave us the commandments. HE gave us a mission. HE gave us a task. We Jews have a special mission from G-d go out into the world to establish Holiness in the world.

This is real love.

G-d gave us the mitzvahs, the commandments to go out into the world to do and be G-d’s people  and to establish G-d’s kingdom. This love G-d gave us is  to be significant in this world.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel The Greatest Expression of G-d’s Love

We are not just creations. We are G-d’s children. G-d gave us the choice to do good or to do evil in this world.

And this is greatest expression of love G-d has given us choice- good or evil.

G-d gives the opportunity to grow, to develop and to acknowledge HIM and to acknowledge the truth and live a life of value.