The Sixties Radical-Azriel Secrets of Life

These words jumped out at me. They hit me right across the face. My teacher Pastor Steve Gray blew the doors off of G-d’s house with these words Sunday February 4th:” G-d is good. G-d is good for me.”

Then the real kicker.” How can I be certain I love G-d. This is what I do to love G-d.”

Then right before my eyes appeared my forefathers Avraham, Yitz’chak and Ya’akov. These words cross my lips;” Yeshua do not forget about us. We(I) have not lived up to what you want us to so please forgive us (me) and remember the covenant you made with our forefathers.”

Then these words hit me like a ton of bricks when my teacher Pastor Steve Gray said:” You were created to be influenced. You chose the influence.”

Now I know that I must guard against the evil incantation. The influence that whispers in my ear: “You are a loser. The people you see have it together. Be like them, yada, yada, yada.”

The truth is G-d told me I want you to be like me G-d. My son Yeshua, Avraham, Yitz’chak, Ya’akov, David, Moshe.”

L-rd take the blinders off of me.

Change me.

Teach me how to prayer the right way.

Then these words came into my being

Azriel I hear your prayers.  I want a relationship with you. You are mine. I Yeshua have bought you Azriel with my blood, my death and my resurrection. I own you. You are mine son of Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov.

L-rd let my thoughts, words and deeds please you and show you and the world that I love you HaShem.

Murder the influences that pulling me away from you.

Let me be wrapped in the garments of G-d- Torah, Mitzvah’s and prayer.

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