The Sixties Radical-Azriel I heard you Yeshua rebuking the storm in me!

What my teacher Pastor Steve Gray said on Sunday February 11th was like an atomic bomb going off in my head.

My teacher Pastor Steve Gray said:” Judgement starts at the house of G-d. While wickedness grows, Love grows cold.”

The real kicker is this:” Tearing down G-d’s people is illegal.”

The way we relate to evil is by rejecting it.  Not doing evil. We avoid it.  We reject it.

Then I thought about these six words “Barukh ata HaShem Eloheinu, Melekh ha’olam,” and what they mean. Baruch does not just mean blessed. It also means bring down.  Baruch shares the same root word in Hebrew which means knees. When we say Baruch to G-d we are asking HIM to bring yourself down into our experience. Lower yourself G-d to bring down your blessing into our world.

We (I) need to see G-d. We (I) need to interact with G-d. We (I) need to experience G-d.

This means G-d is coming down to our finite level thus bringing G-d into our level of prospective.

Baruch is a critical word.  Every relationship is built on this word.

G-d coming and allowing HIMSELF to be within the experience that every human being has.  This is what G-d did when HE took the human form of Yeshua The Jewish Messiah to teach us how to live a real G-dly life by walking in complete trust in HaShem

Thank you, Pastor Steve Gray, for being my teacher rattling my cage, for showing me, I still need get rid of the storm within me.

I heard you loud and clear Yeshua rebuking the storm within me. I do not want to stop advancing in you Yeshua.

I chose life.

I chose trust.

I chose faith.