The Sixties Radical-Azriel The Relationship Between of G-d and Man!

The relationship between G-d and man is very simple. We humans are needy. We are dependent on G-d. The reason why we are created this way that is G-d wanted to us to acknowledge HIM.

This is why G-d made us dependent on food because HE wants to see us and realize we are depend on G-d for our very lives.

And this is what makes us human beings different from a plant and animal we are needy. We are created with needs.

“Posaiach es Yodecha — You open Your hand.”

Your hand is the source of all blessing that come into this world and You open it generously

U’masbia lechol chai — And you satisfy all living beings.”

All living beings require the intake of elements from the outside in order to sustain life, which is growth. You ensure that every living being is provided with its sustaining needs. Furthermore, You do not only provide for their minimum needs, but You also provide enough for their satisfaction.

“Ratzon — By Your will.”

Everything that is granted is by His will. G-d has a conscious plan for how each living being will receive his or he needs.”