The Sixties Radical-Azriel Learning from David

These words stuck in my head after my teacher Pastor Steve Gray finished preaching on Sunday February 18th. These words were:” When John the Immerser asked his friends to ask Yeshua this question, ‘Are you the one?’”

L-rd, let me be the one that will serve and honour and glorify you like my forefathers Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov.  Please don’t forget that I am a son of Avraham. I make mistakes everyday please don’t let be like Sha’ul who did not fully repent of his sins. Let me be like David. When David was confronted with what he did, David fell on His face and begged you G-d for mercy. David fasted and prayed so hard that he David transformed his evil inclination, animal soul into a true tsaddik- a truly righteous man.

When my teacher Pastor Steve Gray said: “That day.”

L-rd let me ready for that day that you G-d Yeshua are getting me ready for. I am not your first choice so please chose me. I am ready or at least I hope I am. Please Yeshua let me be worthy of this choice.

These words leaped out at me. These are the words I say when I get up every morning:” “Shehechezarta be nishmati”

that you found me worthy of another day of life to achieve and grow.


with great compassion to forget our other shortcomings.

“Rabo emunasecha”

and place Your trust in us to make the most of our new day.”

Yeshua you are the one. You are the answer to our prayer “Barukh ata HaShem Eloheinu, Melekh ha’olam”

This is what G-d did when HE took the human form of Yeshua The Jewish Messiah.