The Sixties Radical-Azriel Learning from David

When my teacher Pastor Steve Gray said Sh’mu’el told Sha’ul to destroy Amalek for the way they treated us Jews when we left Egypt.  The following thought popped into my head remember Moshe. Go to Shemot. Then the voice narrowed the search down to chapters two, three and four.

Then my teacher Pastor Steve Gray said that G-d directed Sh’mu’el to say to Sha’ul:” I have found a countryman who is better than you.”

When Moshe saw the burning bushed on what was called the mountain of G-d (Mount Sinai) he stopped and began his conversation with G-d.

During those seven days G-d and Moshe argued back and forth. Part of the conversation went like this.

G-d told Moshe that his children would not be used to establish the Moshe dynasty. G-d would use David to establish the dynasty of Moshiach (Yeshua)

Moshe’s reply to G-d was:” My children are not worthy to establish the Moshe dynasty then who I am if I my children are not worthy to establish this dynasty.  Who I am then send someone more worthy than I.”

G-d would not let Moshe say no.

G-d saw Moshe’s true essence.

Moshe was a Shepherd . His entire life was devoted to Shepherding his flock. This began with the sheep and later turned into Shepherding us Jews.

Then I saw link between Moshe, Sha’ul and David.

G-d saw into the true essence of each one of these men. And this is why G-d chose both Moshe and David to lead us Jews.

Both Moshe and David had the true essence of G-d while Sha’ul did not.

L-rd let me have a true essence for you. I am just a guy. That’s it.  There are people better than me. Those who are smarter and wiser than me. If I am called on that day I will do it.

Moshe I am not.

David I am not.

Avraham I am not.

Yitz’chak I am not.

Ya’akov I am not.

I will study and do your word G-d.

I am your willing servant Yeshua.