The Sixties Radical-Azriel Ahavat olam !

Think about these words Ahavat olam. -everlasting love G-d has for us and what the means. G-d the creator of the universe  is concerned about me as an individual. G-d to  create me with all my faults, all of my foibles, and all of my potential, G-d was specific about that. And that was the love that G-d showed me.

When  I go out and act upon the gifts that G-d gave me.  I go out and do G-d’s mitzvahs. I go out  and do acts of kindness, generosity and love these actions show G-d how much I love HIM.

This is due to the fact that G-d loves me.

Thus, through G-d’s love for me I become significant by doing G-d’s will on earth.

What a gift G-d gave me!

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