The Sixties Radical-Azriel Mitzvah! It is More Than Meets The Eye!

G-d gave us Jews a mission in this world. It is very simple to be a light unto the nations of world and then to create a dwelling place for G-d.

This is why gave us Torah. This is why G-d placed us Jews in the world.  We Jews are to take the material world and fusing it with G-d’s will.

This begs the question How de we know G-d’s will?

It is very simple.

G-d told us.

G-d sanctified us with HIS commandment and told us.

G-d gave us 613 commandments.

What is a commandment?

G-d reveals to us the G-dliness within the concealed world. So, we are instructed how to take the energies of this world and transform them into Mitzvah.

We take everyday life and lift it up to G-d and thus the everyday life is transformed into mitzvah.

Mitzvah is revelation.