The Sixties Radical-Azriel The Paradox!

Think about this for more than a minute. This paradox will smack you once or twice upside the head. It did me more than once in my life.

The thing I thought that would set me free booze and drugs and all its ramifications of promises freedom, stardom, hot chicks and a great wild life in the end destroyed my life.

And the thing I thought that would bind me up living a G-dly life, doing mitzvahs, observing the Sabbath, studying Torah, doing acts of kindness generosity and love looked like a prison to me where I didn’t want to  be stuck like my parents however in the end was the very thing that would set me free to live a full and abundant life.

Go figure!

How wrong was I.

Here is the real kicker!

Yes, I made the conscious choice to follow that life however G-d never abandoned me. HaShem kept talking to me. HE kept asking me to come back home. And when I did G-d welcomed me back with open arms and total forgiveness of my sins.

All I had to do was become teachable, admit the exact nature of my wrongs and most important of all surrender my will and life to the G-d of my forefathers Avraham, Yitz’chak and Ya’akov and then I become a follower of Yeshua the Jewish Messiah- The Moshiach the anointed one.

This is where real total freedom lives and is very much alive.

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