The Sixties Radical-Azriel 12th of Adar Tanya

The following statement blows my mind. This comes from the 12th of Adar Tanya lesson. Allegorically speaking there is something G-d cannot do.

What are you saying!

For G-d to reveal G-dliness where it is concealed.  Explain yourself Lucy. To G-d nothing is concealed. For us humans we live in a world where G-d seems to be concealed. Wow what a concept.

When we Jews do Mitzvahs and study Torah we are in essence bringing down G-d  to have HIS dwelling place. Thus, we are inviting G-d into our homes and into the world.

Thank you, G-d, creating me to be born a Jew. We are blessed to have Mitzvahs to do and study Torah, so we can be a light into the world, so G-d can have HIS dwelling place.

The Sixties Radical-Azriel The Burning Bush

The first miracle at the mountain of G-d was when Moshe stopped to see what was happening with the burning bush. Moshe could have said I have places to  go and people to see instead Moshe stopped and turned to see what was happening.

Our sages teach us that a Jew is taught in our service to G-d a Jew has turn aside from here to come close to there.  When G-d saw Moshe turned to see what was going on with the burning bush G-d knew that Moshe cared about G-d.

The Sixties Radical-Azriel- Faith

The most important commandment of the 613 according to our sages is faith.  A righteous person lives according to his faith.

For those who believe there are no questions. For those who don’t there are no answers.

It takes a tremendous amount of faith to know it is good.