The Sixties Radical-Azriel Raison d’etre

I thought my raison d’etre my reason for being or the reason for my existence was to be an actor and writer. I was sadly mistaken.  My raison d’etre will always be no matter how far I tried to bury it, kill it, murder it, walk away from it is this. My reason for being or the reason for my existence is do Mitzvahs, study Torah and be of service to G-d.

Here is the kicker or the real kick in the butt.  I was brought back home to G-d’s house when I became a follower of Yeshua. No matter how much my animal soul cried out against Yeshua I knew in my mind, my heart, my body and my soul Yeshua is the only answer. The Moshiach- the anointed one who was not only buried but appeared to us in his resurrection body set me free to be a G-dly Jew.

How did this change happen? It is very simple. G-d brought me to my teacher Pastor Steve Gray at World Revival Church. Under Pastor Steve Gray’s tutelage my raison d’etre was awoken, brought back to life so the cup judgment was brought to my lips and this broken-down Jew was restored to the kingdom of heaven.