The Sixties Radical-Azriel G-d’s Thought Process

G-d’s thought process is entirely different than ours. The Zohar teaches that G-d’s wisdom is not knowable to us. G-d’s wisdom bears no resemblance to ours in fact G-d’s wisdom is made up of an entirely different essence therefore it is incomprehensible to us.

This is why we study Torah. The only way we (I) can come to grips and wrap one’s head around the wisdom of G-d is to have a teacher that lives and breathes the wisdom of G-d.

And that teacher is G-d who took the human form of Yeshua to push back the darkness- the sins of Adam and Eve, to establish the Kingdom of Heaven so we (I) can be brought back to the house of HaShem.

This is not just for we Jews. This good news is for the entire world both Jew and Gentile, so we can worship as one in the house of the L-rd the way G-d intended it to be.

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