The Sixties Radical-Azriel Bread of Affliction!

Think about this for more than a minute or two. We Jews are called to take the bread affliction and turn it into an invitation to others.

This is what Yeshua did for us. Yeshua reminded us that we were slaves in Egypt. We forgot where we came from. G-d gave us HIS revelation at Mount Sinai, so we would be the invitation for the Goyim to come to the one true living G-d.

G-d took the human form of Yeshua to turn to us and bring us back to our raison d’être to be a light unto the world.

This act had a twofold purpose. First G-d came down to bring us back to HIS house the House Israel and the second part of G-ds plan was to bring redemption of us Jews and as well as Goyim to set right the disobedience of Adam and Eve to G-d instructions, so we would be restored to the full garments of G-d and become fully human once again living in the Garden of Eden.

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