The Sixties Radical-Azriel Obedience is the Key!

Pastor James nailed it Sunday April 22nd. This is basic Chassidic teaching.  Think about these words. The words Pastor James spoke are straight from the Torah.

“G-d wants to bless you. Obedience to the voice of G-d we lead you to the G-d wants for you.”

This is so true.
Then Pastor James spoke these words:” The voice of G-d comes through a thought, an image, a gut feeling. “

Then think these words spoken by Pastor James: “read G-d’s word”

This is so important. The only way I know G-d’s voice is when I study Torah.  This is how I spend time with G-d. It is very simple study G-d’s word on a daily basis.

Then do G-d’s word on a daily basis.

Do Mitzvahs. Do acts of kindness, generosity, and love.

Being a Jew is not a feeling. It is doing. It is acting Jewish. It is acting like Yeshua.

HaShem please keep me clean. Please keep me kosher. Let me always stay attune and listen to your voice. Please murder within me the evil inclination.

G-d you are the source, so I turn to the source and that is you HaShem Yeshua.

Thank you, Pastor James you are truly a gift, from G-d to all of us.

Thank you, Pastor James, for speaking the truth.

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