The Sixties Radical- Azriel Don’t Squander Your Life!

Once again Pastor James knocked it outta the ball park Sunday April 29th. This was a grand slam home run.

These words were connected to what I saw earlier in our service during worship. Actually, it all started during preservice prayer.

I saw the hand of G-d open up. This is what we want. This is our prayer in the morning. It goes like this Posaiach es Yodecha. This translation is You open Your hand. This means:” Your hand is the source of all blessing that come into this world and You open it generously.

G-d’s hand open up with these words of wisdom spoken by Pastor James.” Live today in the light of eternity. Our days are limited. We only have so many days.”

Here is the real kick in butt.” Don’t squander our lives. Grab a hold of today. We need to be doers.”

Being a Jew is an action. It is doing Jewish. It is thinking Jewish. It is acting Jewish. It is speaking Jewish. How? By studying Torah. Doing Mitzvahs. By doing acts of kindness, generosity and love for my family, for my friends, my enemies, at work, at G-ds house every place where I go.

It is do, do, do and then do more.

It is very simple. It is thought, speech, and deed.

This is what hit me between the eyes.

I am not going to go into a long-winded explanation. On May 2nd, 1972 I went crashing through a plate glass window. I tripped and fell down two flights of steps. I was sober six months at the time. I was rushing to get to my AA meeting.

I cut the main artery to the heart at the shoulder blade. I was dying. Blood was flying everywhere.  Yet, I was calm. The very breath of life was going out me. I was calm. There was a warm feeling that came over me.  It was so cool. I have never been so calm in my life.

I was rushed to the hospital.

The doctor said to me,” We will now give you medication.

I said; NO! You don’t understand I am an alcoholic and a drug addict. If I take that crap I will go back to the way was.”

There I was dying and arguing with doctor at the same time.

All I knew I would rather die than go back to that way of life.

I died three times during that long night only to awake the next day. I was chained to the bed. The nurse told me three times during the operation I literally got up from the operating table to walk out.

During that long night G-d said to me:” I have plans for you. You are mine. I am not ready for you yet.”

I have been living on borrowed time since December 16th, 1971 when G-d got me sober.  Thank you L-rd for the gift of continuous sobriety since December 16th,1971.

People like me have to be willing to die for what we believe.

I believe the word of G-d is true. HaShem is the creator of universe. HaShem gives me the very breath of life each day. HaShem -Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah and the L-rd of my life.

The G-dly words Pastor James spoke today are beyond serious. These words are life changing. Think about and then do them.