The Sixties Radical- Azriel Serve G-d!

My teacher Pastor Steve Gray’s words sent shock waves down from my heart, to my heart and then exploded into my soul today Sunday May 6th.

These words hit me like an atomic bomb going off above me. “You want to start on the path of greatness start serving G-d. Yeshua gave his life.”

Serving G-d is studying Torah and Tanya on a daily basis. Serving G-d is doing Mitzvahs on a daily basis. Serving G-d is going to work and doing your job on a daily basis. Serving G-d is taking care of your wife and family.  Serving G-d is treating people the way you want to be treated. Serving G-d is being kind to those who can do nothing to advance your career. Serving G-d is giving and showing honour to G-d’s leaders- Pastors and Rabbis.

Many days I fall short. Many day’s I can be a horse’s rear end.

I am just a guy who works hard at learning my craft and doing his craft. I want to be a craftsman. I want to be good I what I do.

For in the end to quote my teacher Pastor Steve Gray:” Greatness is serving G-d by giving everything you have. “

Thinking, speaking, and doing the things of G-d is completely different than the way I used to act, speak, and think.

Thank you, Pastor Steve, for being my teacher.

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