The Sixties Radical- Azriel Speaking in Tongues!

My teacher Pastor Steve Gray did it again. His words came directly from the spirit of the L-rd.

The atmosphere was lit up with the fire of G-d. The Rauch HaKodesh exploded above my head when my teacher Pastor Steve Gray said:” With the fire you be convicted to come to Yeshua and then Yeshua will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.”

Then I saw the Torah open up before my eyes. I saw the explosion and the power of G-d leaping off the pages. I saw G-d’s words bouncing off the walls and entering into each one of us.

“Speaking in Tongues is the private language of G-d,” my teacher Pastor Steve Gray said. Then my teacher added:” Speaking in tongues restores the language of G-d to the believers.” Followed by:” Non-Jews now have their own Pentecost.”

For you see, G-d intended for us Jews to be the light unto the world. We Jews were supposed to teach and show the rest of the world how to live a G-dly life. We were supposed to transform the world into a dwelling place for HaShem.

We become lost, so G-d took the human form of Yeshua- which means G-d turned to us- to bring us back home.

My job is to share G-d’s language with the entire world. My job is to be an example of a G-dly Jew. And this what Yeshua did with Peter, Paul, John, and Stephen as well as the rest of the guys.

Thank Pastor Steve for opening my eyes even more to what it means to be in the Army of G-d and to be in the service of G-d.

Thank you, Pastor Steve, for being my teacher.  For it all goes back when G-d spoke to us Jews at Mount Sinai to give us HIS word Torah.

Yeshua is the living and breathing word of G-d Torah.

G-d spoke through my teacher Pastor Steve Gray Sunday May 20th.