The Sixties Radical- Azriel The Word of G-d is The Rule of my Life

Pastor Kathy knocked it outta the park  Sunday June 3rd.  Her words seared the heart of G-d into my mind, my heart and my soul. These words are straight from the lips of HaShem Yeshua.

G-d was speaking through Pastor Kathy.

HaShem Yeshua does this all time at World Revival Church.

These words I needed to hear today.

These words are basic Chasidic teaching 101.

Right on Pastor Kathy.

Thank G-d for Pastor Kathy.

“Your mouth speaks what the heart is full of. The only source for building a foundation is the word of G-d. “

Let’s really get down and get funky with what Pastor Kathy said;” The word of G-d is the rule for my life. His word rules my life.”

Then the real corker to top it off with:” Everyone needs to go through their own crisis between you and Yeshua.”

I thank G-d every day for my teachers Pastors Steve and Kathy Gray. Without my teachers Pastors Steve and Kathy this Jew would be lost.

Let’s get really honest without WRC, my teachers Pastors Steve and Kathy Gray, I would be a dead man.

I’ve been to hell and back. Who saved my life was the G-d of my forefathers Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov. HaShem-Yeshua showed me compassion and mercy.

This compassion and mercy rescued me from the hell of Alcoholism and Drug addiction. The miracle of sobriety came on December 16th, 1971. Thank you HaShem for continuous sobriety since December 16th, 1971.

This is only part of the story.

The real nuts and bolts of the story is this little diddy.

The real story is this. G-d has been putting people in my life that kept speaking to me to get back to my Jewish roots.

That road led me to World Revival Church.

Without my teachers Pastor Steve and Kathy Gray, this broken down Jewish man would have never cracked open Torah again.  I would have never made a daily part of my life to study every morning the Torah and the Tanya, to pray- real prayers to start my day off with, and to seek the real face of G-d.

This broken-down Jew would still have his head full garage about Christians and other bad stuff. You see my teachers Pastor Steve and Kathy Gray showed me who the real HaShem Yeshua is.

My teachers have taught me that I was wrong, and I was will of crap.

The real word of G-d wants both Jew and Gentile to worship under one house -The one true living G-d HaShem Yeshua.

G-d is cleaning my head, my soul, and my body out every day. Some days it feels like a root canal.

Yes, it is worth it. For my worst day at WRC is better than my best day anywhere else I have lived.

To quote Pastor Kathy;” Build a life on the words of G-d. Have a character crisis.”

A G-dly life is having children, a mortgage, taking out the garage, washing dishes, doing laundry, and the other mundane stuff. For you see we Jews are taught that we are elevate the world with sparks of Holiness. This is done when we engage the world with mitzvahs in our home, our job, at the store, and all the places we go.

This is why I love my teachers Pastors Steve and Kathy Gray.